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Off to Cuba

I leave today for Cuba, joining my mentors and colleagues including Andrew Weil, Victoria Maizes and Tieraona Low Dog on an adventure to explore Integrative Medicine in Cuba. We will be there for 1 week, based in Havana, seeing how resourceful people can be when they need to be. There is amazing primary care on the island – everyone is guaranteed access to care, and there is a real openness to utilize whatever healing methods are available, safe and efficacious. There is also a focus on preventive care that we lack in the United States.

Why I am going?

I am  always looking for further evidence of my conviction that integrative medicine is not only for the well-healed. Integrative Medicine is about patient-centered care, HEALTH care, not sick care – meaning it demands attention to all influences on a person’s health including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, genetic, environmental and  lifestyle factors and utilizing whatever science-based tools that are appropriate from western medicine to nutrition, botanicals, exercise, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy medicine, stress management techniques. I hear that they are doing much of this in Cuba. We will see.


Stay tuned from my reports from Cuba. Internet access will be spotty, but I’ll try my best.

  1. AkashaAkasha12-05-2012

    Safe travels, Dr. Spar! Have a wonderful time.

  2. David AlbenbergDavid Albenberg01-05-2013

    So jealous I can’t take it! Look forward to your posts on your return! Necessity truly is the mother of I invention and innovation – the US is getting closer to.that tipping poi t every day. Makes sense to go to a third world nation to have a look into our future. Shouldn’t be long now. But will we be less healthy when our day comes?

    • Dr. Myles Spar, MDDr. Myles Spar, MD01-06-2013

      Hopefully we will begin to re-engineer our health care system around health instead of how it is currently built- around illness. I think some of the Affordable Care Act provisions will steer us in that direction.

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