Our Approach

What is limiting your ability to feel and perform your best? How’s your sleep? How well can you concentrate? How’s your sex life?   Are you feeling stressed or even, dare we say, irregular?  Do you worry about having genes that put you at risk for conditions like heart disease or cancer? Have you had a health scare?

Integrative_mens_health_dr_spar_book_2Dr. Myles Spar will identify and treat your nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, working with you to improve how you feel.  By optimizing lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress management, nutraceutical supplementation and hormone replacement, optimal quality of life can be achieved.

Dr.  Spar is uniquely trained in multiple forms of medicine, from traditional Internal Medicine to Anti-Aging Medicine to complementary and Integrative approaches to assessment, prevention and therapy. When dealing with a medical issue, Dr. Spar evaluates the total picture rather than automatically prescribing a pill.  He’s as likely to prescribe nutritional therapies, supplements or lifestyle changes as to prescribe western medications. His focus is on prevention using nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements and hormone optimization.  He’ll also make sure you’re taking the simple precautions and practicing the life routines that can keep you healthy.